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Kempson, J., Hatfield, T., & Ross, N., Seattleness: A Cultural Atlas. Sasquatch Publishing (Expected2018). Co-author of book using primary and secondary research to graphically visualize Seattle’s unique characteristics. Role includes research, writing, cartography, visual design and infographics.

Publications created while at Framework  
Pioneer Square Street Research and Opportunities Inventory and Concept Development (2016)
First Hill Seattle University Street Activation and Strategy Plan First Hill Public Realm Action Plan (2015) 
Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA Public Space Center Action Plan (2015) 
Lake to Bay Inventory and Opportunities Vision (2014)
Third Avenue Concept Plan, Research & Strategy (2013) 
Third Avenue Concept Plan, Design Prototypes (2013)  

Publications created under Hampton (maiden name)
Hampton, J & Fialko, M. Activating Alleys for a Lively City: Seattle Integrated Alley Handbook. (2011) Collaboration with Gehl Architects, University of Washington Green Futures Lab, and reviewed by City of Seattle. 

Hampton, J & Hatfield, T. Holding Patterns: Generating Ideas for Temporary Use of Seattle’s Vacant Lots. (2011) Publication produced for the City of Seattle Design Commission. 

Sim, D., Risom, J., Villadsen, K., Hampton, J., Morrison, J., Urban Mobility:  Moving freely throughout the city. (2010) Publication presenting the importance for connected mobility systems in cities, produced at Gehl Architects.

Rottle, N., Hampton, J., Fialko, M. & Wimble, K.  Public Space | Public Life: Seattle Waterfront Public Realm Inventory Baseline. (2010)  Produced through the University of Washington Green Futures Lab and distributed to Seattle Waterfront design team for early site analysis.

Hampton, J. Is there room for community in gentrifying urban areas? Community Greening Review. (2009) 

American Community Gardening Association, New York City, NY. Fall Journal. 

Block, D., Birgen, J, Chavez.,N., Hooks, F., Hampton, J., Finding Food in Chicago and the Suburbs: The Report of the Northeastern Illinois Community Food Security Assessment (2008). Chicago State University Neighborhood Assistance Center / University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health / Chicago Community Trust.

Carleton, R. A., Grant, K. E., Sajous-Brady, D. L., O’Koon, J.,Davis, T., Roache, N., Armstrong, M., Poindexter, L., Katz, B. N., Meza, C., & Hampton, J.  Stressors and psychological symptoms affecting low-income urban youth: Specificity effects. (Manuscript under preparation)


Organizer & Mentor, NYC Service Design Jam (2017)

Instructor, University of Washington (2014 - 2016) “Investigating the Fringe” Landscape Architecture Colloquium. Research in design workshops for UW College of Built Environments and Department of Sociology 

Presenter, Atmosphere Conference, University of Manitoba (2014) “Exposing Experiences: Research Based Placemaking” paper presentation

Design Fellow, EYEO Conference (2014) Conference investigating the intersection of arts, technology & data visualization

Interaction Design Residency, European Union’s Urban IxD Project (2013) Sole US participant in multidisciplinary EU workshop connecting technology, arts, research, placemaking and human experience.

Presenter, Environmental Design and Research Association Conference. Presentation (2012) Emergent Placemaking: Activating Environments through Installation + Design 




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